Hire The "Perfect" Ensemble

Hire The "Perfect" Ensemble for whatever YOU need! Whether it's a wedding, festival, party, corporate event, or if you just want to bring a few more patrons into your restaurant, we have the groups for you. See below for a list of what we offer. If you find something you're interested in, please call me so we can discuss your needs in detail. Then I'll be able to give you a solid quote and let you know if the musicians are available for the date(s) you need:

Piano Vocal Duo - Jazz & Blues, R & B, Mellow Pop & Rock
Vocals & Guitar Duo - Contemporary Pop, Mellow Classic Rock, Blues 
Jazz Trio, Quartet or Quintet - The trio consists of  Vocals/Percussion, Piano & Bass (The Quartet includes a drummer & the Quintet includes a sax player... it's your choice)  This group plays Jazz standards, Blues and some R&B  
5, 6 or 7 Piece Party Band - Includes Lead Vocals plus Harmonies, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion. This group plays EVERYTHING!!! Perfect for weddings, corporate events, festivals (specialty or non-specialty).  
Specialty Ensembles  - Any combination of instrumentation (i.e., solo vocalist, male & female duets with piano or guitar accompaniment, small string and/or woodwind ensembles, etc.... Perfect for wedding ceremonies!

Please be sure to call me (Gina) at 805-794-6879 to get more information.