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Mind SynerG is a meditative CD which utilizes the concept of binaural beats and whole brain synchronization, aka brainwave entrainment.

A binaural beat is created when two different frequencies are sent separately to each ear (i.e., 400Hz in the left and 405Hz in the right). It is believed that the brain then creates its own, third, frequency of 5Hz (the difference between the two) causing both hemispheres of the brain to become synchronized and work more efficiently as a whole, thus the term “whole brain synchronization”. The binaural beats are masked with rain, ocean and other relaxing sounds so it is very easy to just let go and enjoy.

Disclaimer: DO NOT listen to this CD if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy or while driving or operating machinery.

(Sorry no mp3 digital downloads available - tracks are too long. Total CD running time is approx. 68 mins. & consists of 3 tracks

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